Comparison: Typinator vs. Text Expander
March 14, 2017

Typinator v7.1, (€24.99/$26.58), by Ergonis Software, Perg, Austria.
• Requirements: 10.6 or later.

TextExpander v5.1.4, (Subscription plan, about $40.00 per year) by Smile Software, San Francisco.
• Requirements: 10.10 or later.

NOTE: Using System Preference/Keyboard/Shortcuts can accomplish has many of the same capabilities, but it is not as full-featured as either TE or Typinator.

A bit of background:
I used Text Expander for years and never had an issue with it. Operationally, it is indeed a five star application, but because of the cost I give it 3 stars.

And the cost was the predominant rationale for my switching to Typinator.

My findings (after 90 days of Typinator):
   1. TE Mac OS (2.5 Stars on MacUpdate); iOS app (2 Stars, App Store, $5.00).
  2. Typinator Mac OS 4.5 stars onMacUpdate, but no iOS.
  3. Download and install are easy-peasy for both.
  4. Typinator: Try Before Buy. TE: 30 Days.
  5. TE’s new OS is more Cloud like and supports Groups & Teams. OTOH, Typinator supports subscriptions.
  6. Typinator easily imports TE’s snippets. But DO NOT immediately delete TE after export. Wait a few weeks just in case a snippet did not import as divined.
  7. Typinator recommends you quit TE after the import so both aren’t trying to run simultaneously. (You should also disable TE from Accessibility.) But if you do not have duplicate abbreviations, I’m reasonably certain you could run both simultaneously
   8. TE’s Auto Correct is better; 2400 words vs, Typinator’s 865 (American vs European firm).
   9. TE has an automatic BU feature with an easy restore. Typinator exports to accomplish the same thing.
  10. Both have predefined scripts with indentured Automator, Macro, Java script like functions.
  11. Typinator can be customized per application, not just “all”, “all except”, or “only these”. Nice feature!
  12. TE has an auto suggest, but not Typinator.
  13. TE has a Take Control eBook.
  14. Both count time saved.
  15. Both have DropBox support, though TE was preconfigured.
  16. Both have good TechSupport, but Typinator may be a bit better.
  17. Both easily edited.
  18. Both cease when entering passwords. If hacked, both could become keyboard loggers.
  19. Both have options for selectable sound cues.
 20. Typinator updater costs are usually 50% of new.
  21. And one more thing: Typinator is significantly faster!

Cons: None to speak of.
• Typinator gets better reviews, is significantly         faster, and cost less.
• All things considered, I prefer & recommend Typinator.