ExoMount Ultra


ExoMount Ultra by Exogear based in Alpharetta, GA. Made in Korea
Website: https://exogear.com
Cost: $29.95 ($24.99 on Amazon) at time of review. 
Unconditional money back guarantee.
1 year warranty (but I think it should be lifetime).

Overview & Conclusion

ExoMount Ultra with parts labeled

For dashboard phone mounting, even those dashboards that are textured.

Others may find this a 4 star mount, but for me, the glare, temperature, visibility, & arthritis issues are show stoppers; ergo, a 2 star mount!

Review Details

Parenthetically:  I much prefer the KENU mount (between $20.00 & $30.00); superior in nearly every regard (but lacks the universal swivel) and with none of the shortcomings.


  • Easy to install, even on textured & curved surfaces.

  • Fits nearly all 3.5” to 6” phones, even those with bulky cases.

  • Rock solid mounting.

  • Has a nice 360-degree swivel and an adjustable “arm”.

  • Mounts at eye-level (dashboard or windscreen). Easier to read than the below dashboard mounts, but see Cons-Major re glare, temperature, visibility, & arthritis.

  • An extra suction/adhesive pad is included.

  • When removed, the suction/adhesive pad leaves no marks or residue.

Cons - Minor

  • I don’t know how robust the mount will be over time & in the sun. Perhaps that relates to the 1 year warranty?

  • Must wash the suction cup periodically.

  • Not one-hand operation as claimed.

  • It’s a chore to mount and unmount every time entering & exiting the car, so not likely to be done.

  • Too bulky for traveling.

  • A replacement suction/adhesive pad is $7.95!

Cons - Major

  • Suction lever may be too strong for arthritic hands.

  • Obstructs the driver’s vision, perhaps dangerously so.

  • As one’s phone is mounted above the dashboard, it is in direct sunlight and gets unacceptably hot, perhaps even dangerously so, even in cool weather.

  • Though mounted as suggested, my case’s screen protector caused an unacceptable (dangerous?) glare resulting in the screen being unreadable (FYI: I have an iPhone 5 with a LifeProof FRĒ case). I suspect even a nude phone would have this glare; perhaps even worse. Of course, those with different phones, cases/screen protectors, and dashboards could have different results.