How to make a mail template


OS X - Mac Mail

Submitted by:  Nancy Gravely


If you find yourself sending emails with the same content over and over, create a template.

  • Open Mail, click on New Message and enter the subject.

  • Enter the From email address.

  • Create the standardized message.

  • Don’t include any salutation, but leave a space for it if you plan on using one.


  • Select Save as Stationary from the file menu.

  • A window will open asking you to name your new stationary. It also tells you that your new stationary (template) will be saved to the Custom section of the stationary picker.

  • To use your template, open Mail and select New Message.

  • When a new message opens, click on the Show Stationary button in the top right corner. The stationary options will open.

  • Scroll down to Custom and you will see your template.

  • Click on it and add whatever additional information you wish.

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