Apple AirPods Review


Airpod Review by Bill O’Barr at February 2019 CapMac General Meeting

Introduction - If you are looking for a bluetooth device for consuming media both at home and on the go, Apple AirPods may be what you need. I recently bought a pair and here is what I think of them after a few months of use:

Fit / Comfort Part 1 - The primary concern for me was “How do they fit!” They are shaped just like the Apple Ear Buds that come with their iPhones. If you have trouble with those, these won’t fit much better. At least they don’t have the wires pulling them out of your ears. I did have one fall out twice on my bike ride on Ladybird Lake the other day. So I needed something to make them fit better. I saw an article about Ear Buddyz 2 silicon ear hooks and the reviews on Amazon were very positive so I gave them a try. They are amazing! Once inserted they will not fall out. You have to pull them out with force because they fit so securely. They do cause a little soreness after an hour or so, but it seems to be improving as I use them more.

Ease of Use - If you use mostly Apple devices you will love how quickly and easily the AirPods pair with your device. On other brands they work, just not as well. I have a Chromebook that I use with them and it is a little harder to keep them connected, but still better than the alternatives.

Audio Quality - They will not give you the audiophile experience of high quality headphones but are more than adequate for mobile listening while walking, running, biking, or working out. I use them for listening to media around the house when someone else needs their quiet time and they are much more convenient than headphones. I would say the sound quality is pretty much the same as the standard Apple ear buds.

Cost - They aren’t cheap at $159, but when you weigh the convenience vs the cost, they are not a bad deal. There is not much competition especially for using with Apple devices.

Conclusion - I really like them. I have a set of Bose bluetooth headphones and have quit using them for day to day use. I find my AirPods are much more convenient. I ride my bike a lot and they are perfect for that. Apple users who want portability with excellent paring ability can’t go wrong with these. I rate them a definite buy!


1. To check the AirPods battery status: With the with the bluetooth connection active, open the case close to your iPhone and a dialog will pop up with both the AirPods and the Case level of charge. You can also add a battery widget

2. YouTube - Mac Rumors “Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Your AirPods” (Great 3 minute video on using your AirPods! Many other helpful videos available)