Product:  LifeGrip LED Vase Table Lamp
Price:  $20.99
Package Contents:  Vase Lamp, Micro USB cable, and small instruction manual.
Size:  4.7 x 4.7 x 5.8 inches.

Touch sensorcontrol with three options (high light, soft light, and graded light).
Built-in rechargeable battery.
11.8 oz (350ml) vase capacity that holds water for live plants. Works for artificial plants as well.
Charges with USB cable
White shade and base. Vase looks golden when lighted.

This is cute, but practical product. It makes a nice, soft, nightlight or room light. It turns off and off with just a touch. I have used it with live flowers and artificial and it presents no problems for either.  For instance, it does not become too hot for live plants to thrive.

It is always dark when I get home from work - always. Prior to acquiring the Vase Lamp I left overhead lights on so that I could see when I came in. I find that the Vase Lamp works just as well in this capacity - and at a lot less cost.  

I also think it would be great for a baby’s room. The ability to hold a baby and turn on the lamp with just a touch has to be an asset.

On the practical side, it is rechargeable and will operate 48-hours when fully charged. It is convenient for me to just keep it plugged in, but it is nice to know that should the power go out, I can still quickly have light.

I recommend this. It makes a sweet gift for a new mother or anyone else who would enjoy a “night light” that is decorative.

Pros:  Double duty product, provides emergency light, provides soft light when needed.
Cons:  None noted