Minimalist Totallee Leather iPhone Case is Classy.

Company: Totalee


Price: $29

Sizes: iPhone 6, 6 plus, 7 and 7 plus

Color: black (leather only)

Weight: 0.1 oz

Thickness: 0.02 inch

Warranty: 2 years

I really like this case.  It has a sophisticated look and feel.  It will fit with any charging stand you might prefer because of the thinness.  It is a “formed” type of case and yet it is made completely of lambskin leather.

There is just enough fold around the case edges that sit on the front of the case to provide minimal protection to your phone.  I tested it on an iPhone 6s.  It turns out that I accidentally tested this protection when I dropped my phone face down on my kitchen floor.  It survived intact.

I will also mention that the packaging is very nice and makes a nice presentation if you want to give this case as a gift.

I personally have a preference for this type of case.  My lifestyle is such that I don’t need a heavy duty case and I use a stand to charge my phoneeach night.  I’m pleased to be able to use this one.