RAVPower USB/Lighting Cables (3 ft & 6 ft): $16.99

Cables are from RAVPower, Shenzhen, China.
Importer is in Hamburg, Germany.
The US office is in Fremont CA.
But only sold through Amazon.
Make/import: External battery packs, chargers, hubs, & replacement batteries (but not batteries for Apple).
Various cable options: W & B and 10 ft. Lengths.

1. Site says: “18 Month Warranty, plus another 12 months for product registration”. But the thank-you email I received stated I now have a lifetime warranty.

2. Nice packaging, waxy box, and cables come with a velcro strap.

3. The cables are “Apple MFi Certified” (and I verified) and Military Certified (whatever that may be).

4. Cable Diameters (comparison):
    • Apple- 2.5mm
    • Amazon- 2.5mm
    • RAVPower- 3.5mm (for fast “2 Amp charging”, but I             suspect they all do that).

5. Covering is fire-resistant TPE (thermoplastic elastomer).

6. Nice finger recesses.

7. One of RAV’s claims: cable can support 15 kg vs. Apple’s 10 kg. Tech Support affirmed that is cable tensile strength only, and not with connectors.

8. Site claimed their cable bending tested 5,000, 8,000, 10,000, & 12,000 times. FWIW: Anker claims 4000 bends.

(RAV Tech support affirmed 12,000 and the site will be corrected)

9. I have no idea how the testing was done. As yet, I have no long-term experience, but so far (about 4 months), the cables have worked as promised.

10. Of course, there are no data re number of inserts; which may be as telling as than the number of bends. FWIW: Never have I seen such for any Apple product.

11. As with all such cables, immediately verify compatibility when it’s used with your device and with the case on.

I give them 5 stars for the cables (the MFi certification and reinforced stress points are a major plus for me), and 3 stars for tech support (tech support, web site: number of bends).