Pok-e-Jo's BBQ, 2121 Parmer Lane,
Austin, TX 78727      

Apple Maps:  http://tinyurl.com/patzet4

1-3 PM

SIG Leader Tom Weaver will show beginners how to catalog your CDs, DVDs, Blue Rays, Books, and most other items that have a bar code on them.  You will need an Apple device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) that has a camera to scan the bar code of each item in your collection.  You will need an internet connection to retrieve the information about each scanned item.  While almost everything that can be found on Amazon.com will have information, you may have to enter data manually for those prized obscure items you own.  We will use Delicious Library to create our database.  Now is the time to finally catalog your collection before the new items arrive over the holidays. It is much easier and faster than you expect.  Bring your friends for this session.