About Us

Who we are

Capitol Macintosh (CapMac) is an official Macintosh User Group (MUG), founded in 1993 in Austin, Texas. We are a diverse group of people who use Apple products and meet to provide community service, education, and opportunities to like-minded individuals. The 501(c)(3) non-profit group is governed by an elected board of directors.

Our primary goal is to educate our members and anyone else who seeks to use their Apple products effectively. We offer monthly meetings, a website, Vimeo tutorials, product reviews, and special events.

Our Membership

Our membership currently numbers around 125 and includes members from Texas, from other states, as well as from other countries.

We are a well-diversified if slightly older bunch, including students, professionals and the visually impaired. Among our members are recognized authors and publishers in the Mac World.

You will likely find someone at our meetings who shares similar interests and ideas.

Our Outreach Activities have included:

  • Working with the Austin Independent School District (AISD) to teach low-income parents how to use Apple computers that were donated by the district for their home use.
  • Working with Pflugerville Independent School District to provide support and presentation opportunities to students learning to be filmmakers using Apple hardware.
  • Occasionally providing a computer to a student in need.
  • Sponsoring special events to allow expert presentations to our membership and our community.
  • Serving as the foundation of the GeoGo Project - a project to provide blind individuals the ability to find their way to locations of their choice, using latitude and longitude references.
  • Providing semi-annual auctions to allow our members to purchase used computers at discounted prices. (The computers come from companies upgrading their computers.)
  • Sponsoring a membership fee-waiver program for members or potential members who are out of work enabling them to continue or begin their membership in CapMac.

A Bit of History

In 2018 CapMac is celebrating our 25th year. It started as a small group of Mac enthusiasts who met on the University of Texas campus. For many years after its inception, the group continued to meet on the campus through the auspices of a tenured professor who sponsored our meetings.

In late 2008, the group meetings moved to a large restaurant / bar that had a large meeting room with plenty of parking and excellent features.

When the group began, electronic bulletin boards and printed newsletters were the preferred method of communications. Now the group deals with the internet, websites, video training, blogs, and Skype presentations from leaders in the Mac world.

Meet Our Board

 CapMac Board members wearing 25th Anniversary shirts

Nancy Gravley, President

  • Nancy holds a B.S. (Bachelor of Science) in Education a M.A.H.S. (Master of Arts in Human Services).
  • Apple and CapMac are two of Nancy's favorite things. Her columns and reviews for The Mac Observer have given her an international following.
  • For many years, Nancy taught a beginners Special Interest Group and she continues to provide help and support for any beginner who needs it.
  • Nancy's goal is to keep CapMac viable in an ever-changing world. CapMac has grown and prospered under Nancy's leadership.
  • Email: president@capmac.org.

John R Purvis III, Vice President

  • John holds a B.S. in Engineering.
  • From his first Macintosh 512KE in 1986, John became an ardent Mac fan.
  • With a deep background and degree in electrical engineering. He’s an active IEEE (Institute of Electronics Engineers) member, and served as System Administrator for Unix and Linux systems, for over twenty years.
  • Want to present at one of our meetings?  Contact John with your ideas and suggestions.
  • Email: vicepresident@capmac.org.

Tom J Weaver, Treasurer

  • Tom has been a computer programmer/ analyst/ user for over 40 years.
  • He has served several tenures as both treasurer and membership chairman, and is an ardent supporter of CapMac.
  • For several years he led a Special Interest Group for those interested in office tools (such as Word or Pages).
  • Email: treasurer@capmac.org.

Bill O'Barr, Secretary

  • Bill holds a B.S. in Education.
  • He has years of experience working with data processing and network management.
  • In his retirement, he devotes his time to tutoring kids in math.
  • He is a devoted member of CapMac and frequently shares his knowledge with other members.

Harvey Rubinstein, Director-at-Large

  • Harvey holds a B.S. and a M.S. and is a retired major from the U.S.A.F. (United States Air Force).
  • His first working experience with computers began with the UNIVAC 1050-ii mainframe and his first Mac was a Mac Classic.
  • He successfully works with businesses to obtain appropriate door prizes for CapMac drawings.
  • Harvey collects old working Macs and peripherals that he then refurbishes for donations to senior centers and abuse shelters.

Jim Wynn, Director-at-Large

  • Jim has many years of experience providing technical support to local television stations.
  • He is a very diligent "keeper of the technology" for CapMac and provides all the technology needed for each meeting or event.

Tommy Craig, Director-at-Large

  • Tommy is visually impaired and has played a large role in the CapMac initiative to use Apple phones to assist other people with visual impairments. This program allows users to achieve greater independence using a specifically-designed app that uses map technology to tag and save preferred locations.
  • During his career, he has worked with both visually impaired and deaf adults showing them the "ins-and-outs" of using assistive technology.

Our Friends in the Community

We'd like to give a shout-out to a few other organizations in the local Austin community that we or our members are affiliated with:

  • E4 Youth (e4youth.org)- Working with teens and young adults to develop communication skills for today's world.
  • AustinFreeNet (austinfree.net) - Providing internet access and training to under-served populations.
  • Knowbility (knowbility.org) - Offering accessibility information technology training and consulting services to businesses, educational entities, government, and non-profit organizations.