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Apple iOS 8 Release | Update pushed to devices automatically

Have the scoop on an upcoming Apple-related event?  Please let us know – we’re on it.

Apple is accepting previous generation iPhones in trade when your purchase a new iPhone – but there may be other better options as well.

9to5Mac has compiled an excellent  Guide to Selling your iPhone

Used electronic broker Gazelle predicts that trade-in prices for iPhone 5s to fall up to 25% in the month following the expected iPhone 6 announcement.

Gazelle is also running another promotion in tandem, temporarily raising prices offered for iPhone 5s. Gazelle will now offer up to $350 for an iPhone 5s in perfect condition. 

Obviously, arranging an iPhone trade-in sooner rather than later will ensure you get the highest price for your devices.

Selling your ‘old’ iPhone?  Consider your options.

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September, 2014 Events

Sept 16

Apple iPhone 6 Launch | Apple Barton Creek / Apple Domain – 8:00a

Sept 19

Sept 25

CapMac Photo SIG | Parish Hall, Episcopal Church Resurrection – 6:30p - 9:00p

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How can I still get an iPhone 6 on Launch Day?

If you’ve already received your pre-order confirmation – you’re all set.

With Apple openly admitting that existing orders were at ‘historic levels’, die-hard fans will have a hard time the iPhone of their choice on Launch Day, if you haven’t already placed an order.

There are a few ways to improve your chances:

  1.   Be Flexible – Maybe that other color, size or capacity is okay in a pinch

  2.   Look Around – Some carriers and retail partners may yet have stock

  3.   Lose Sleep – Apple always reserves some stock for overnight line-sitters

  4.   Drive a Little – Consider a line-sitting at a less obvious Apple Store

  5.   Patience – Sit back and wait until you can touch one and read reviews

Whatever you do – don’t fall for emails, contests, or brokers that offer shortcuts to score that iPhone of your dreams.

Initial shipments may already be depleted, but containers of new phones will be arriving daily – and what’s a few days wait anyways...?

Friday, September 19th  –  8:00am

Apple Store Barton Creek

2901 S Capital of Texas Hwy / Austin, TX  78746


Apple Store The Domain

11410 Century Oaks Terrace / Austin, TX  78758


iPhone Launch | September 19th, 8:00 am CDT

Sept 17